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Liliana Doganova’s research lies at the intersection of economic sociology and STS (Science and Technology Studies) and explores market construction processes and valuation devices.

Her work can be divided into three main themes: the valorization of public research; markets, valuation and controversies; the performativity of valuation devices (business models and plans, discounted cash flow and real options). 

Her initial research, conducted as part of her PhD thesis at the CSI, focused on the valorization of science and the creation of spin-offs from public research. As part of a post-doc at Copenhagen Business School, Liliana Doganova investigated clean-tech markets and social entrepreneurship. Her research in this field explores how, and with what effects, markets are proposed as solutions to political problems (pollution and poverty reduction) and resigned to integrate new valuation modes (environmental and social values). Since her doctoral research, Liliana Doganova has been interested in valuation devices, such as models, calculation formulae and demonstrations. She explores their performativity by looking at how these tools come into being, and what effects they induce in practice.

Liliana Doganova teaches at Ecole des Mines and PSL. She is member of the editorial boards of Revue d’Anthropologie des Connaissances and Valuation Studies. 

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