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Rob Hagendijk formally retired as an associate professor from the University of Amsterdam on September 1, 2014. He continues to work as a member of the Amsterdam Institute Social Science Research and its research group on 'Transnational Configurations, Conflict and Governance.


Since 2012 his main research interest is: The politics of rare diseases and orphan drugs in Europe and beyond.


How societies and global configuration define and deal with severe but rare diseases is changing rapidly with advances in the biosciences, ICT and transnationalization of governance. If one looks at these changes one is immediately confronted, not only with the cognitive and emotional meanings of such diseases, i.e. what experts and patients know, experience and understand about the diseases, their causes and consequences, but also with politico-economic framings of help and care, with drug development and economic liberalism, with solidarity and with issues of politics, accountability and collective and individual responsibility and mobilizations. As such it provides a vantage point to study processes and mechanisms of interactional coproduction (Jasanoff, 2004)  of science and society. And to do such studies and to communicate its results hopefully contributes to better care and advances in the treatment of such conditions.

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